Know more about Home oil tank upgrade

How long does it take to replace an oil tank?

Short answer: about 2 hours.
A heating outage can last about 1 hour.

The tank replacement algorithm is quite simple and consists of several steps.
There is always some oil left in your tank that can still be used, as well as dirty residues (deposits, condensate and even ordinary rubbish) that accumulate at the bottom of the tank.
In our practice we have had one case where we found a wedding ring among the deposits. How it got there is unknown, but the ring was returned to the homeowner who had dropped it in the tank several years ago.

1. The contents of the tank

The old tank has to be completely emptied. Using special pumping and filtering technology, the oil is transferred to temporary storage containers - good oil separated from bad residues.
Tank content

2. Removal | Disposal

We remove the old tank from your site, leaving the tank with us and the dirty residue for further disposal.
Old tank removal

3. Base for the new tank

The right foundation is essential for the long life of the tank. See also the article on the importance of the right base for a heating oil tank.
Often the base for a new tank needs to be improved. Therefore, before installing a new tank, we must either repair it or build a new one (e.g. if you want to install the tank in a different location - oil tank relocation service).
Base repair

4. Installing and connecting the tank

Installing the tank itself is a quick job. Before connecting the tank directly to the boiler, make sure that the fuel line is in good condition. This is important in order to avoid any possible oil leaks with all their consequences.
The final stage in replacing the oil tank is to check the operation of the entire heating system. Only then is the job considered complete.
How long does it take to replace an oil tank? - A professional, experienced team will replace the tank within 2 hours. This is the time you will need to take out of your day to complete this project.
New tank installed
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