Know more about Home oil tank upgrade

How much it cost to replace oil tank in Ireland.

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Home heating oil Tanks and how much it costs in Ireland.

Oil tank replacement prices start at €795

The most popular size in Domestic home heating oil tanks range From 900 to 1200 litres in size.
These tanks are made of plastic and Aldo, you can get lots of shapes and sizes. The rectangular slim tanks are most popular.

Our service involves:
  • Firstly removing whatever oil is in your old tank and lifting it of its base.
  • We then inspect your base and straighten and modify it to work for the new tank.
  • We then lift the new tank onto the base we then reconnect to the boiler and refill your oil back into the new oil tank.
  • We bleed the system and check your heating is ok.

This usually takes about 2 hours and lastly we dispose of your old oil tank in a Environmentally friendly manner and that’s the job.
Finished prices vary a lot depending on tank size and the amount of work needed to modify and straighten your base to except the new tank etc.