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Homeowner's guide to moving a heating oil tank in Ireland

Are you thinking of moving your heating oil tank to a new location around your gaff? It's not just a whim, there could be some solid reasons behind the move. Here in Ireland, where the weather can throw us all sorts of curveballs, it is vital that your home heating is efficient and safe. Here's why moving your tank could be a wise decision.

Reasons to move your heating oil tank:

1. Safety first: Old tanks can be a hazard. They can leak, causing environmental damage and putting your family's health at risk. Moving to a newer, safer model isn't just smart, it's essential.

2. Better access: Sometimes the original location may not be the most convenient for refills or maintenance. Relocating can make life easier for you and the delivery man.

3. Aesthetic appeal: Let's face it, an oil tank isn't exactly a garden feature. Moving it out of sight can improve the look of your garden.

4. Building or renovating: If you're planning a bit of building work or an extension, the old tank may be in the way. Moving it could be part of your big plan.

5. Efficiency: A better sited tank can mean shorter fuel lines, reducing the risk of heat loss and improving overall efficiency.

The tank relocation process:

Relocating a tank isn't a do-it-yourself job; it requires the expertise of professionals to handle everything from start to finish. Here's a typical rundown of the process:

1. Removing the old tank: This involves safely draining the tank, removing any remaining oil and then dismantling the old tank. Safety and environmental regulations are key here.

2. Preparing the new site: The new site needs a solid, level base to ensure the tank is stable and secure. This may involve some landscaping and the construction of a new foundation.

3. Installing the new tank: Once the site is ready, the new tank can be positioned and secured. It's not just a matter of plonking it down, it needs to be perfectly balanced and aligned.

4. Connecting the fuel line: A new fuel line is run from the tank to your boiler. This is essential for the efficient and safe operation of your heating system.

5. Returning the oil: Any good oil from the old tank can be filtered and transferred to the new one, ensuring you don't lose out.

Time and effort:

The whole job can take around 3 hours, but this will depend on the accessibility of the site, the condition of the old tank and the preparation required for the new site. It's a bit of work, but with the right team on the job it can be done with minimal fuss.

Why choose

Moving your heating oil tank is a job we're very familiar with. We know the ins and outs, the regulations and the best practices to ensure it's done right. If you're considering moving your tank, why not leave it to the experts? We're here to make sure the job is done safely, efficiently and with the least disruption to your home.
In conclusion, moving your heating oil tank can be a smart move for a number of reasons. Whether it's for safety, convenience or efficiency, it's a job that needs professional attention. With the right team in place, you can rest assured that your home heating system will be in good shape, ready to keep you warm no matter what the Irish weather throws at us.

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