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Oil Tank Replacement and Cleaning Services in Clonsilla, Dublin

Cracked oil tank

Recent Tank Work in Clonsilla, County Dublin: A Case Study

When a customer from Clonsilla, County Dublin reached out to us about a problem with his oil tank, it was clear that a straightforward cleaning wouldn't suffice this time. The boiler service technician had noted that the boiler was intermittently malfunctioning, primarily due to excessive condensation within the tank.

Upon our inspection, we immediately spotted a significant crack at the top of the tank—a frequent issue in these setups. Attempts had been made to seal the crack with polythene and tape, an improvisation that unfortunately didn't hold up against the elements. Given the situation, the decision was made to proceed with a tank replacement rather than a temporary fix.

What We Did:

  1. Filtered the Old Tank Contents: We carefully filtered the oil, separating good quality oil to refill the new tank, while disposing of any dirty residues and sediments responsibly.
  2. Enhanced Tank Base: We reinforced the base with lintels to ensure even distribution of weight across the new tank's footprint, preventing future structural issues.
  3. Drained the Fuel Line: To prepare for the new installation, we thoroughly drained any residual oil from the existing fuel line.
  4. Installed the New Tank: A brand-new tank was installed, complete with all new fittings to ensure a long-lasting setup.
  5. Commenced Operation: Finally, we pumped the filtered oil into the new tank and reactivated the heating system.
Replaced oil tank in Clonsilla

When is Tank Cleaning Appropriate?

Every situation is unique, yet there are common factors that dictate the best course of action. In the case mentioned, the primary culprit was the poor base which led to the tank's premature structural failure—this tank was only 7-8 years old, yet a well-supported tank should last over 15 years.

Another scenario might involve a missing tank filler cap, allowing external contaminants like water and leaves into the tank. Here, flushing and cleaning the tank would be the appropriate solution.

Services We Offer:

  • Tank Replacement
  • Tank Relocation
  • Tank Removal
  • Tank Cleaning

For professional advice and service, reach out to Brian at 086 806 8776. Whether you need a tank inspection, cleaning, or a complete replacement, our team is equipped to handle your needs promptly and efficiently.
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