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Replacing a cracked oil tank in Ashbourne

Cracked oil tank replacement in Howth
The owner filled the tank and previously unseen micro-cracks appeared.
In this case the cracks are in the top of the tank. This is quite common and, of course, the most harmless outcome for the tank owner. If the tank had cracked at the bottom, there would have been an inevitable oil leak.
The tank holds about 600 litres.

What we need to do is:

1. Transfer the good oil to temporary containers
2. Pump out the remaining bad oil and water for disposal
3. improve the tank bottom
4. Fit new tank and fill with oil from temporary storage tanks
5. Connect the tank to the boiler and start the heating system.

How much does it cost to replace an oil tank? Several factors affect the final cost of the job:

1. Access to the tank
2. the condition of the tank
3. Size and type of new tank

What happens to the old tank?
We will take the old tank for environmentally friendly disposal.

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