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Cracked oil tank replacement in Bray, Co. Wicklow

Carbery Oil Tank Replacement in Bray
Fresh and clear in Bray.
Today the oil tank replacement crew are replacing a cracked old tank.
The crack at the top of the tank has had the expected effect of letting quite a lot of water into the tank. There are still about 200 litres of usable oil in the tank. Our main task is to separate the good oil from the water and dirty residues that have accumulated over the years.
badly cracked oil tank
The usual procedure is to pump the good oil into temporary storage containers and the water and dirty residues into disposal containers. We use special equipment and technology to do this.
Bad oil residues and water pumped out of tank for disposal
We then level the tank foundation and install lintels to ensure that the weight of the tank is evenly distributed and to prevent structural failure and deformation of the new tank. Learn more about The Right Base for the Oil Tank: The Key to Long Life

Bottom line

New tank installed, connected to boiler. Heating on and we see a happy customer.
If you require a replacement oil tank in Bray, we can help.
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