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Oil Tank Replacement | Drumcondra, Dublin

New oil tank installed on improved tank base in Dublin
Yesterday, we replaced an oil tank in Drumcondra, Dublin 9. The tank was in poor condition with approximately 400 litres of oil and a significant amount of water due to cracks in the top caused by sun exposure and deformation of the tank from a low-quality base.
Our initial priority was to separate the contaminated oil residue and water from the usable oil, which will be returned to the new tank after installation. Attention was paid to the condition of the base, which was strengthened, widened, and levelled, to ensure the longevity of the new tank. The new tank was installed, and the remaining good oil was pumped into it. The boiler was then connected to ensure the heating was functioning properly.
The entire job took approximately three hours. has another satisfied customer, and the oil tank replacement in Drumcondra, Dublin is now complete.
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