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Oil Tank Replacement in Lucan, Co. Dublin

Oil Tank Replacement in Lucan
Another frosty day and our oil tank replacement crew in Lucan today.
The owner of the old tank called last night, the tank had just filled to 700 litres and was cracked in several places and leaking oil, so here we are this morning.
The usual routine - pumping oil into temporary storage containers, dirty sediment and water condensate into separate containers for disposal.

A check of the base showed that the base itself was quite well made, but it was not wide enough or long enough, which is unacceptable because it directly reduces the life of the tank. Find out why.
Let's do it the right way.

  • The base is levelled and improved to distribute the weight of the tank evenly
  • Install the tank
  • Connect it to the boiler
  • Make sure the heating system works as it should
  • And Oil Tank Replacement has another satisfied Lucan customer on its books

Fact: Frosty weather often leads to oil tank leaks, and even when the weather returns to normal, the hidden problem doesn't go away. Find out why
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