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Oil tank replacement in Dublin

Oil tank sitting on grass with no proper base
A tank owner called us with the problem that his tank was leaking and it was only 7 years old.
Our team deals with these situations quite often. In 99% of cases, the reason for the rapid degradation of a plastic tank is an inadequate base. The tank deforms and we end up with a leaking oil tank. Read more about the importance of the oil tank base.
We asked for a picture of the base. In this case there was no base as such. The amazing thing is not even that there is no base, but that the tank has survived for so long on an obviously uneven surface.

On arrival at the site and after our own assessment of the situation, our advice was to change the location of the tank. The customer chose a more convenient location.
Our team carried out all the necessary work to remove the old tank. The process of replacing the oil tank is described in detail on our website.
The new oil tank is now installed on a new base and will not be a problem for the owner for many years to come.
Tank installed on new base beside a shed
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