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Oil Tank Replacement in Skerries

cracked oil tank
Today in Skerries, Fingal. A homeowner contacted us after smelling a strong odour of oil, only to discover that his oil tank was leaking shortly after he had filled it half full.
The culprit? A combination of factors, including a compromised tank base, the age of the tank and the recent drop in temperatures, which had simply accelerated the process of tank degradation.
Key points:

Stop oil tank leaks

Draining the oil tank - a two-step process:
1. The good oil is transferred to temporary holding tanks.
2. The dirty residue, water condensation and sediment are transferred to disposal containers

Repair the base of the tank

A poorly constructed, uneven base is one of the main causes of premature tank wear. Read the article.
In this particular case, we needed to align the base in length and width to match the dimensions of the new tank.
New oil tank installed on improved base

Installing a new oil tank

  • The tank is installed and connected to the boiler.
  • The good oil is returned to the new tank.
  • We start the heating and make sure everything is working as it should.

Environmentally friendly oil tank disposal

The last part of the job. We take both the old tank and the dirty residue for disposal. Disposal of the tank and its contents is included in the cost of the oil tank replacement and is an integral part of the job.
Peace of mind restored: The homeowner can now rest easy knowing that their home heating is safe, efficient and leak-free.

If you live in Skerries or the surrounding area and are concerned about the condition of your oil tank, don't wait for a leak to find you. Oil Tank Replacement Ltd. is ready to provide a comprehensive solution to ensure your home stays warm and safe. Contact us today for peace of mind tomorrow.

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