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The effect of freezing weather on oil tanks.

Cracked oil tank fragment

It is a fact that worn out oil tank cracks in freezing weather.

Oil Tank Replacement receives a large number of calls with this problem every year and January 2024 is no exception.
Homeowners fill the tanks after the autumn oil reserves and in anticipation of the Christmas holidays and... get a leaking oil tank.

Two factors:

1. Low temperature: Affects the physical properties and structure of the plastic tank, making it more brittle - micro-cracks invisible to the eye expand and form leaks.

2. Improper oil tank base: If the base is uneven and inadequate, when the tank is filled with oil, its weight is unevenly distributed, resulting in deformation of the tank and destruction of its structure. It is the wrong base that causes the short life of your tank. Read the article: The right base for your oil tank: The key to long life

Help yourself

Unfortunately, not all oil delivery companies inform owners about the worn condition of their tank, which can end up being a big headache for the owner. That is why we advise you to check the condition of your tank BEFORE you fill it up! Watch video #8 with Brian telling you what to look for when inspecting your tank.

It never hurts to ask your oil supplier to check your tank.
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