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Replacement of steel oil tank in Leixlip

Old steel oil tanks to be removed, disposed and replaced with modern oil tank
Top o' the morning! Today, we found ourselves in lovely Leixlip, tasked with swapping out two ageing steel tanks for a top-notch plastic Carbery oil tank. On giving it the once-over, we quickly spotted that the base for this new tank needed a bit of sprucing up to ensure our Carbery sits pretty for years to come.
Before we could get stuck in, we pumped the remaining decent oil into our trusty temporary storage containers. Sure, they're always by our side, ready for action. The not-so-lovely leftover, the dirty residual oil, was also taken care of. We put it into special containers for disposal, all above board and in line with our good ol' Irish regulations.

With the old steel relics out of the way and sent off for recycling, we rolled up our sleeves. It was time to give that base a makeover, making it fit for our shiny new tank.
Oil tank replaced, base has been improved and old steel tanks taken away for careful disposal.
After setting the stage, in went our Carbery beauty, seamlessly connected to the existing fuel wire system. Job done and dusted!

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