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Oil Tank Replacement in Lusk, Fingal: Simple and Efficient

Oil tank replacement in Lusk, Fingal
In Lusk, Fingal, we've recently completed a straightforward yet crucial job: replacing an old oil tank. This task was essential for keeping a home warm and safe. Our team at handled it with great care and professionalism.

The Problem: A Worn-Out Tank

The old tank was pretty worn out and needed to be replaced quickly. It still had about 400 litres of oil in it, so we had to be careful.

How We Did It

We took a few simple steps to get the job done right:
  1. Moving the Oil: First, we carefully moved the oil from the old tank to a safe place. We didn’t want to waste any of it.
  2. Taking Away the Old Tank: Then, we removed the old tank and took it away in our truck to dispose of it properly.
  3. Fixing the Base: We made sure the ground where the new tank would go was flat and strong.
  4. Putting in the New Tank: We set up a new tank and all the parts that go with it. Then we put the oil back into this new tank.
Happy Ending Now, the heating works well, and the customer is happy with their new tank.

More Info on Our Website If you want to know more about how we replace oil tanks, check out our website:

Getting a Quote If you're thinking about getting your oil tank replaced and want to know how much it will cost, you can send us pictures of your tank and where it's located. We'll give you a call back with a price.
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